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How to sew a pacifier strap out of fabric

I wanted to sew a pacifier strap by myself. I had a tonne of fabric. So I sewed it out of my old fabrics because I didn't want to buy any ribbon. Here, you can see how I did it:

It's really easy. Measure first the width and allow yourself seam allowance on both sides. With this particular strap I decided to make it 2 cm wide.

You will need the fabric to be 4 x wider than the final product's actual width. Here it is 4 cm x 2 cm,  so 8 cm total. You may choose whatever length you like but I think the proper length would be between 18-20 cm.

Next, you need to do some ironing. Iron the short end into a fold. I did this with my brown fabric last  but it is best if you do it now - it makes it easier.

Iron the fabric in half  length-wise.

Fold the other long side towards the center - the edge should touch the crease you just made.

And do the same to the other side.

Now you can fold the fabric in half and you get the perfect width for your strap. In the picture on the right side, you can see what the fabric looks like when you open it up.

And if you have a bad memory like me, you might do the fold at this stage - so try it earlier for yourself. Next sew the short ends and the long side. Do it as close to the edge as you can.

Attach a clip to one end the pacifier ring to the other. Do several stitches back and forth so that is secure properly.

Congratulations, the strap is now ready to use! When you make it yourself, you can really personalize the strap and co-ordinate them with all of your baby's outfits!

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